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Asphalt Milling Services in San Antonio, TX

Asphalt milling is a key process in preparing surfaces for paving, repairing, or resurfacing. At Central Texas Striping, our crews use specialized equipment to provide controlled, precise milling across parking lots, driveways, roads, and more

What is Asphalt Milling?

Milling involves using a large machine to grind away the top layer(s) of existing asphalt pavement. This removes worn sections, creates a level surface, and prepares the area for new asphalt application.

Benefits of Asphalt Milling:

Removes damaged asphalt down to solid base

Corrects flaws in grade, slope, and drainage

Provides smooth, even surface for paving

Allows for asphalt overlay without buildup

Quickly removes old asphalt vs manual methods

Can reuse milled asphalt chunks elsewhere

Milling for Resurfacing/Repaving:

Milling down high spots and deteriorated asphalt is essential before resurfacing or repaving parking lots, driveways, tennis courts, etc. It allows laying new asphalt at a consistent depth across the area.

Milling for Repairs:

We can mill out specific damaged sections of asphalt rather than the entire surface. This is cost-effective for making targeted repairs to problem areas.

Our Milling Process:

Evaluate project size and scope Use appropriate size milling machine Control depth precisely Protect surrounding areas Load milled asphalt into trucks Sweep and prepare the new surface

FAQs About Asphalt Milling

Milling prices depend on square footage and scope. Contact Central Texas Striping in San Antonio today for an affordable asphalt milling quote for your upcoming paving or repair project.

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Milling uses a specialized machine to grind away the top layer(s) of asphalt pavement to a specific depth to remove worn material and create a smooth, even surface.

It removes deteriorated sections, corrects any flaws in the original grade or slope, and allows new asphalt to be overlaid consistently without buildup.

Milling is commonly done before repaving parking lots, driveways, tennis courts, roads, etc. It’s also used for partial repairs by milling out just damaged sections.

Milling scrapes away the old surface rather than leaving the original asphalt intact. Fresh paving is then overlaid on the milled area.

After milling, the area is thoroughly swept. Minor repairs can be made before tack coat is applied and new asphalt is paved.

Our equipment can mill down 1-4 inches safely and precisely, depending on the project needs. Deeper milling is possible if necessary.

We base quotes on square footage of the area being milled and the depth/scope of work. Site evaluation helps determine pricing.

We use specialized heavy-duty asphalt milling machines to efficiently remove material. Equipment is chosen based on project size.

Milling progresses quickly compared to manual methods. A typical parking lot can be milled in a few hours depending on size and scope.

Yes, the chunks of milled material can often be recycled and repurposed elsewhere, like on rural roads. This reduces waste.

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