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Concrete Paving and Flatwork Services in San Antonio, TX

For new concrete installation or repairs on your commercial property or residential home, trust the experts at Central Texas Striping. We are San Antonio’s premier concrete contractors providing quality paving and flatwork services.

Our Concrete Services Include:


We handle teardown, forming, pouring, finishing, curing, and sealing.

Parking Lots

Our crews efficiently pave new commercial concrete parking areas.

Walkways & Patios

We create beautiful new concrete walkways, patios, courtyards, and more.

Stairs & Ramps

We form and pour sturdy, attractive concrete stairs and access ramps.


We fix concrete cracks, spalling, faults, stains, and other defects affordably.

Our Concrete Process:

  • Site Evaluation – We assess the scope of your concrete needs
  • Base Preparation – Gravel base is laid and compacted
  • Form Setting – Forms are constructed to desired size and shape
  • Concrete Pouring – Fresh concrete is poured and leveled
  • Finishing – Techniques like brooming or stamping are used
  • Curing – Concrete is allowed to cure fully over 7+ days
  • Sealing – Optional sealers protect and enhance concrete

FAQs About Concrete Paving and Flatwork

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Flatwork refers to any horizontal concrete surface like driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, floors, etc. that is poured and finished flat.

Paving refers specifically to concrete installation for functional driving/walking surfaces like driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks. Flatwork is a broader term encompassing both functional and decorative flat surfaces.

Concrete reaches the initial set in about 12 hours but requires 7-10 days of moist curing to gain full design strength. Avoid heavy traffic during this period.

Compacted gravel aggregate provides a sturdy base. We evaluate soil conditions and drainage to determine base depth and materials needed.

With proper installation and maintenance, outdoor concrete flatwork can last 20-30 years or longer. High-quality concrete holds up well over decades.

We use solutions like crack filling, slabjacking to lift settled sections, grinding down high spots, resurfacing damaged areas, and replacing deteriorated sections.

Sweeping debris regularly, resealing every 2-3 years, patching cracks, and refinishing stained/worn areas as needed will maintain quality and longevity.

We take into account the usage, vehicular traffic, soil conditions, and span length to engineer an appropriate slab thickness, typically 4-6 inches.

Popular finishes like broom, stamped, exposed aggregate, colored, stained, and polished can enhance appearance.

Cracking can result from factors like rapid curing, improper joint spacing, excessive weight or movement, freeze/thaw cycles, etc. Proper design minimizes cracks.

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