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Fire Lane Striping in San Antonio, TX

Fire lanes in parking lots and around buildings require clear, compliant striping to keep access open for emergency vehicles. Central Texas Striping provides professional fire lane striping services.

Our team will stripe designated
fire lanes following local fire codes:

High Visibility

We use bright paint colors like red, yellow, or white. Reflective beads can also increase visibility.

Proper Widths

Fire access lanes meet the required minimum widths.

Clear Markings

“FIRE LANE NO PARKING” is clearly marked along the lane.

Durable Materials

Long-lasting thermoplastic or traffic paints are used.

Strategic Locations

Lanes are striped closest to building access points.

As a striping company near San Antonio, you can ensure your property meets all city and state fire codes for proper, compliant fire lane striping. Routine striping maintenance is also available. Contact us for a quote today.

Fire Lane Striping FAQs

Contact Central Texas Striping today for a quote on upgrading your parking lot or facility to long-lasting Fire Lane Striping.

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Bright colors, reflective beads, minimum widths, clear markings, and strategic locations near building access.

Typically every 1-2 years. Thermoplastic can last 5+ years. Fading paint indicates need for restriping.

Standard options are traffic paint and long-lasting thermoplastic.

No, fire lanes must be kept clear at all times for emergency access.

Cost depends on length of lane and materials used. We provide free quotes.

Yes, police can ticket and tow vehicles violating fire lane parking rules.

Contact Central Texas Striping to inspect striping and recommend changes to meet codes.


Local codes dictate width. Typically a minimum of 10-20 feet is required.

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