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Concrete Driveway Repair Services in San Antonio, TX

Is your concrete driveway riddled with unsightly cracks, crumbling corners, stains, and other damage? At Central Texas Striping, we specialize in making targeted concrete repairs to restore the integrity and appearance of your damaged driveway.

Our skilled concrete crews use proven repair techniques including:

Crack Filling

We seal cracks to prevent further deterioration.

Spall Repair

We patch holes, pits, and crumbling sections.

Joint Reconstruction

We replace failing joints and re-pour concrete.


We apply new concrete overlays to refresh the surface.

Stain Removal

We can remove many types of stains from oil, grease, rust, and more.


We’ll grind down any high spots or protrusions.

Drainage Fixes

We repair improper slopes that lead to birdbaths.

FAQs About Concrete Repair

Let us restore the function and aesthetics of your worn, cracked concrete driveway. Contact Central Texas Striping today to schedule professional concrete repairs for your San Antonio home or business.

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Common signs are cracks, chips, spalls, stains, birdbaths, uneven sections, and deterioration indicating it’s time for repairs.

We use specialized techniques like crack filling, spall repair, resurfacing, stain removal, joint reconstruction, grinding, drainage fixes, and more.

We’ll blend patch color closely to surrounding concrete. Some variation is expected but repairs weather over time for a closer match.

For surface-level damage, targeted repairs preserve your existing slab cost-effectively. Extensive deterioration may warrant full replacement.

When properly done, most concrete repairs should last 3-5 years or longer. Ongoing maintenance helps maximize durability.

Yes! We can apply new overlays in various designs and colors to refresh worn concrete aesthetically.

Sealing is highly recommended to protect repairs from moisture and contaminants that can shorten their lifespan.

Small patches may cure within a day but avoid heavy traffic for 3-5 days. We’ll advise you on appropriate cure times.

Factors like rapid curing, improper jointing, heavy loads, freeze/thaw cycles, unstable soil, etc. can cause cracks over time.

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