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Revitalize Your Asphalt with Professional Resurfacing in San Antonio

Has your parking lot or driveway asphalt become marred by cracks, rough texture, and faded color? At Central Texas Striping, we specialize in asphalt resurfacing to restore a smooth, fresh surface at a fraction of replacement cost.

Resurfacing involves paving a new top layer of asphalt over your existing driveway, parking lot, road, or other asphalt surface without the need for full reconstruction. This affordable process transforms the appearance and function of aged, worn asphalt.

Benefits of Asphalt Resurfacing:

Smooths rough surfaces and texture

Covers cracks and flaws

Provides a fresh, clean appearance

Restores water resistance

Improves traction and safety

Extends the lifespan of your asphalt

Much less expensive than repaving

Our Resurfacing Process:

  • Evaluate the current asphalt condition
  • Perform any needed repairs
  • Clean and prepare the surface thoroughly
  • Apply tack coat to bind layers
  • Pave new asphalt layer to desired thickness
  • Sealcoat and restripe parking lots

FAQs About Asphalt Resurfacing

We can resurface commercial parking lots, residential driveways, private access roads, and more. Contact Central Texas Striping in San Antonio today for a quote on revitalizing your worn asphalt with expert resurfacing.

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Resurfacing entails paving a fresh layer of asphalt over your existing driveway, parking lot, or road without the cost of full reconstruction.

It is much more affordable than ripping out and repaving old asphalt. It also takes less time and disruption.

If the asphalt base is still intact and solid beneath surface wear, resurfacing is often suitable to restore it. Extensive cracking or base failure call for full replacement.

When properly installed, a resurfaced lot or driveway will typically last 4-8 years with proper maintenance before needing resurfaced again.

We recommend a 1.5-2 inch top layer for resurfacing. Thicker layers up to 4 inches are possible if needed.

We may do “milling” to remove the most deteriorated upper layer of asphalt first. Then we thoroughly clean and repair the existing surface before resurfacing

Yes, it creates a new smooth surface with proper slope and grade to enhance drainage. Low spots and birdbaths can be corrected.

Yes, we can apply a layer of asphalt over existing concrete to improve appearance, traction, and drainage without needing to remove the concrete first.

Sealcoating your freshly resurfaced asphalt will maximize durability and appearance. We recommend applying it soon after resurfacing.

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