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Concrete Resurfacing Services in San Antonio, TX

Over time, your commercial or residential concrete can become stained, cracked, pitted, and generally worse for wear. Instead of the costly process of ripping it out and repouring new concrete, consider affordable concrete resurfacing with Central Texas Striping.

Concrete resurfacing involves applying a new layer over existing concrete to provide a like-new surface, often with decorative customization options.

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing:

Restores the aesthetic appeal of faded, worn concrete

Covers unsightly imperfections and damage

Provides fresh new traction for safety

Allows for decorative customization

Much more affordable than concrete replacement

Preserves your existing concrete slab

Our Resurfacing Process:

  • Clean and prepare the concrete
  • Make any necessary repairs to cracks or spalls
  • Apply bonding agent to ensure adhesion
  • Install new overlay to desired thickness
  • Stamp, stain, engrave, or etch decoratively (optional)
  • Seal to protect the fresh surface

FAQs About Concrete Resurfacing

Breathe new life into your dull, damaged concrete with skillfully applied resurfacing by Central Texas Striping in San Antonio. Contact us today for quotes and ideas!

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Resurfacing entails installing a new decorative overlay over existing concrete to provide a refreshed, like-new appearance and function.

Typical overlay thickness is 1/4 to 1/2 inches. Thicker overlays are possible depending on needs. Proper prep ensures adhesion.

Resurfacing costs a fraction of full replacement. It also lets you preserve your existing slab while restoring the surface appearance and function.

When properly prepped and installed, new concrete resurfacing can last 5-10 years or longer before needing to be redone. Durability depends on overlay thickness and maintenance.

We can blend the new overlay color closely to your surrounding concrete. Some variation in shade should be expected initially as it cures.

Options like stamping, staining, engraving, saw-cuts, exposed aggregate, and more can customize the appearance.

Yes, it provides improved grip and traction compared to polished, weathered concrete. A non-slip additive can be incorporated.

Light foot traffic may be possible after 24 hours. Allow 3-5 days minimum for vehicular use as it fully cures.

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