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Parking Lot Striping in
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At Central Texas Striping, we provide professional parking lot striping services to commercial clients throughout the San Antonio area. Proper striping is crucial for guiding traffic flow, designating parking spots, and creating a safe environment.

Our Striping Services

We handle striping and restriping to meet ADA regulations for accessible parking.

We stripe code-compliant fire lanes with high visibility.

For long-lasting striping, we offer thermoplastic that stands up to heavy traffic. 

Line Striping

Our team stripes roads, highways, and other traffic areas.

We use striping machines and paints to create crisp, bright lines in lots.

Parking Lot Striping

Our striping helps direct traffic and improve flow in lots. 

We handle straight lines, curved lines, arrows, stall stripes, and more.

As a parking lot striping company, we provide fast, affordable striping services with competitive bids. Contact us for a free quote on your parking lot striping project using our parking lot striping cost calculator. We serve clients throughout the San Antonio metro area. Our expertise ensures your striping has maximum visibility and durability using pavement striping paints, materials, and techniques that are right for your needs.

Parking Lot Striping FAQs​

Get answers to common questions about parking lot striping – covering types of striping, materials used, factors affecting cost, maintenance needs, and more – in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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Common types include stall striping, lane striping, accessible parking striping, roadway striping, and fire lane striping. Directional arrows, handicap symbols, and custom lettering can also be striped.  

Contact paving contractors directly and provide information on the project size, type of paving, and materials needed to obtain a detailed quote.

Most parking lots are striped with standard traffic paint. For increased durability, thermoplastic materials can be used which stand up to heavy traffic. Tape striping is another option.

Parking lot striping typically lasts 1-2 years before needing reapplication. High traffic areas may require more frequent striping. Fading and worn lines indicate a need for restriping.

Standard traffic paint dries quickly within 10-30 minutes in ideal conditions. Thermoplastic takes longer at about 2 hours. Newly lined areas should be blocked off to avoid tracking.

Contact our team with your parking lot dimensions and specifications. We provide free quotes with competitive pricing for businesses in the area.

We accept checks, major credit cards, and commercial invoicing with approved credit for parking lot striping services.

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