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Get an Instant Asphalt Paving Quote for Your San Antonio Project

Need a new asphalt parking lot or driveway installed? Want to estimate how much asphalt paving will cost for your project? Use our Asphalt Paving Cost Calculator to get a ballpark figure right now!

As a leading San Antonio asphalt paving company, we know each paving project comes with unique specifications that affect the bottom line. Our online calculator takes key details into account to provide an estimated price range for your upcoming paving needs.

Enter in a few details like project type, square footage, and location – and our calculator will provide an idea of what asphalt paving could cost on your next paving project.

Getting a Detailed, Accurate Quote for Your Paving Project

Our asphalt cost calculator provides an estimated price range for budgeting purposes. However, for an exact, detailed quote, we recommend contacting Central Texas Striping directly to schedule a site visit.

There are many specifications unique to each paving project that affect the overall cost. Our team of paving experts will evaluate your property and propose solutions to provide the most accurate quote possible.

Factors that influence the total price of your custom asphalt paving or repair project include:

Size of area being paved

Current condition of existing pavement

Grading requirements and drainage planning

Needed repairs – potholes, cracks, soft spots, etc.

Base preparation needs – excavation, compacting, engineered fill

Demolition and removal of old asphalt or concrete

Asphalt thickness recommended

Type of asphalt mix used

Access to the site and permits required

Additional related services – sealcoating, striping, tree removal, etc.

With over a decade of experience, our San Antonio paving company understands how these specifications impact your budget. We consider every detail to optimize our solution and provide transparent, competitive pricing.

FAQs About Our Asphalt Paving Cost Calculator

Contact Central Texas Striping today to schedule an on-site evaluation. Our team is ready to partner with you on turning your paving vision into reality!

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The quote is an approximate ballpark range, not an exact price. For a binding quote, we need to assess your property in person for all details.

It considers basics like project type, square footage, location, repairs needed, and options chosen. This gives a general idea of potential cost.

The existing pavement condition, grading needs, drainage plans, base preparation, permits required, asphalt thickness, and more specifics will affect final pricing.

You can provide your best estimate of square footage. We’ll take precise measurements when we visit your property before finalizing the quote.

Yes, just describe the type of repairs needed, like pothole filling, crack sealing, drainage fixes, etc. Our team can quote new paving and repair work.

If you need old asphalt or concrete removed before paving, just select that option for a rough estimate of removal costs to add.

Sealcoating and parking lot striping can be added optionally. Select those services to get an estimated add-on price.

No sign up needed! Simply provide a few details and get an instant estimate for reference as you plan your project.

Feel free to contact us to have an expert visit your property. We will evaluate your needs and precise specifications to provide an exact quote.

Getting quotes from multiple companies is one way to potentially lower costs. We also offer tips to reduce your paving costs during the process.

Reach out with any other questions! We are here to help provide exact pricing for your upcoming paving project in the San Antonio Area.

For over a decade, we have handled major asphalt paving projects for commercial properties across the greater San Antonio area. Our expert teams have the skills and equipment to install new durable, smooth asphalt surfaces that will stand the test of time. Contact us today to have us assess your property for a detailed quote.

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