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Thermoplastic Striping in San Antonio, TX

For parking lots and facilities that see constant heavy traffic, standard paint striping can wear away quickly. As a line striping company, we offer thermoplastic striping, a highly durable striping material that provides long-lasting markings.

Thermoplastic Striping Advantages:

Withstands Heavy Traffic

Sturdy material is embedded to resist tire abrasion


Glass beads make it reflective for high visibility

Lasting Striping

Stripes can last 5-7 years with minimal fading

Versatile Uses

Great for crosswalks, stop bars, legends, and route arrows


Available in a variety of colors and can be stamped

Thermoplastic is applied at a high temperature using specialized equipment. It cures and hardens quickly to form bold, crisp pavement markings that will stand up to regular traffic.

Thermoplastic Striping FAQs

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Yes, the upfront cost is more than standard traffic paint, but it lasts significantly longer.

It is available in standard colors like white, yellow, and blue. Custom colors can be specially ordered.

Yes, we can apply it over old paint lines. The surface must be properly prepared first.

Yes, it needs high-heat applicators to properly heat and apply the material.

It cools and sets very quickly, within 30 minutes in ideal conditions.

Performance depends on traffic levels. Reapplication may be needed every 5-7 years.

No, it provides the same wet traction as standard traffic paint.

About 2 hours minimum, but 24-48 hours achieves full strength.

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