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Professional Asphalt Repair Services in San Antonio

Is your parking lot or driveway plagued by cracks, potholes, and crumbling asphalt? At Central Texas Striping, we specialize in making targeted asphalt repairs to restore the integrity and appearance of damaged pavement.

Our repair crews serve commercial and residential clients across the greater San Antonio area.

We can fix a wide range of asphalt issues, including:






Patching Needy Areas

Drainage Issues

We use proven repair techniques like:

  • Milling out damaged sections
  • Infrared repair to blend patches
  • Applying tack coat
  • Compacting new hot asphalt mix
  • Sealing repairs

Why Choose Our Asphalt Repair Services?

  • 10+ years experience with all types of repairs
  • Quick response for emergencies
  • Long lasting, quality workmanship
  • Cost effective vs full replacement
  • Prep work included – cleaning, sweeping, priming
  • Repair isolated issues vs whole resurfacing

Our simple Asphalt Repair Process:

  1. Schedule your free estimate
  2. We assess issues and provide quote
  3. Repair crews prepare the area
  4. Damaged asphalt is removed
  5. Repairs are made to specifications
  6. New asphalt is sealed and protected

Let our San Antonio asphalt maintenance crews restore your damaged lot or driveway with expert patching, crack filling, pothole repair, and more. Prevent further deterioration and improve safety for years to come. 

FAQs About Asphalt Repair

Contact Central Texas Striping today to schedule affordable asphalt repairs that extend the life of your investment.

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Signs like cracks, potholes, raveling, depressions, and uneven surfaces indicate repair is needed to prevent further deterioration.

We provide customized solutions from patching isolated areas to infrared repair for smoothing cracks and joints, pothole filling, drainage fixes, spot resurfacing, and more.

When done properly, asphalt repairs can last 3-5 years or more. Ongoing maintenance extends their lifespan. Location, weather, traffic levels impact durability.

Not usually. Targeted repairs are a cost-effective way to fix problem areas and restore integrity, avoiding a full overlay.

Yes, we blend repairs seamlessly using techniques like infrared heating to match the color and texture of surrounding asphalt.

Small patches can be driven on carefully after a few hours. We recommend avoiding heavy traffic for 24 hours to allow proper curing.

Absolutely. We repair issues on residential driveways including cracks, depressions, potholes, and more to restore a smooth driving surface.

They should match closely initially and weather to blend with the surrounding asphalt. Some differences may be visible over time.

We assess, quote, prepare the area, remove damaged asphalt, make repairs per specifications, seal new asphalt, and protect repairs while curing.

Avoid heavy traffic on repairs until fully cured. Sealcoating regularly will help maintain the repaired areas and extend their lifespan.

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