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Roadway Striping Services

At Central Texas Striping, we specialize in roadway striping for streets, parking lots, private roads, and highways throughout the area. Our teams use professional roadway striping trucks equipped with specialized striping machines to apply durable pavement striping paint and long-lasting 3M roadway striping tape.

Striping Roadway Services Include:

Centerlines, edge lines, lane lines to separate traffic.

Highly visible crosswalks, stop bars, arrows to regulate flow.

Bike lane striping for safer cycling.

Private road marking

Reflective beads for maximum visibility in all conditions.

We handle striping projects for busy highways, small residential streets, commercial parking lots, and private driveways. Our roadway striping paint and machines apply straight, crisp pavement markings that meet federal, state, and local specifications.

Roadway Striping FAQs

Contact our professional roadway striping company today to refresh outdated striping or implement new roadway markings on your streets, parking lots, or private roads. We serve customers throughout the San Antonio area.

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Proper striping organizes traffic, improves visibility, and provides key information to reduce accidents.

Typically every 1-2 years for optimal visibility. High traffic areas may need more frequent striping.

Centerlines, lane lines, edge lines, crosswalks, arrows, bike lanes, reflective beads, and more.

We use specialized striping paints and beads engineered for resistance to wear.

No, we only provide professional installation services. We do not sell equipment or materials.

Approximately 30 minutes for standard traffic paint to cure.

Yes, we can provide roadway striping services for residential private roads as well as public streets.

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