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Revitalize Your Property with Asphalt Overlay in San Antonio, TX

An asphalt overlay is the process of paving a new layer of asphalt over damaged, deteriorated pavement to restore a smooth driving surface without full reconstruction. At Central Texas Striping, we specialize in asphalt overlays for commercial lots and residential driveways in San Antonio.

Benefits of Asphalt Overlay:

Cost-effective alternative to repaving

Corrects flaws in existing asphalt surface

Provides new, uniform asphalt layer

Ideal for worn driveways and parking lots

Improves drainage and eliminates birdbaths

Restores smoothness and ride quality

Prevents further cracking and potholes

Extends lifespan of your pavement

Our Overlay Process:

  • Assess current asphalt condition
  • Repair cracks and damaged areas
  • Clean/prepare the surface thoroughly
  • Apply tack coat to bind old and new layers
  • Pave new asphalt to desired thickness
  • Sealcoat and restripe parking areas

We determine the appropriate overlay thickness based on the condition of your existing lot or driveway and traffic demands. 1.5-3 inches is typical.

FAQs About Asphalt Overlay

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 An overlay involves paving a new layer of asphalt over existing pavement to restore smoothness, appearance, and integrity without removing the old asphalt.

If the asphalt base beneath surface damage remains sound, overlay can restore it cost-effectively. Extensive cracking signals a need for full repaving.

We recommend a 1.5-3 inch overlay thickness for most parking lots and driveways. Thicker overlays are possible if required.

We thoroughly clean the surface, make any needed repairs to cracks/holes, and apply tack coat to ensure bonding between the old and new asphalt layers.

Yes, it creates a new uniform surface that eliminates birdbaths and improves drainage. Correcting the slope and grade is part of the process.

With proper installation and ongoing sealer applications, an overlay can last 4-8 years before needing to be resurfaced again.

Yes, we can apply a layer of asphalt over concrete to provide a new driving surface without the high cost of removing the concrete first.

Light traffic is possible after 24 hours. Allow at least a few days before driving heavy vehicles over a new overlay.

After cleaning and priming the old surface, we apply tack coat so the new asphalt layer bonds tightly. Proper technique prevents delamination.

Applying a sealcoat after an overlay maximizes durability and appearance. We recommend sealing within a few months.

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